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Name: Lumi Cacciatore.
Alias(es): Cattivo Nevicata.
Species: Ryoka (Unknown).
Race: Appears Selkie.
Chakra Element:
    Primary - Non-Elemental.
    Secondary - Ice.

Reiatsu Colour: White.
Mist Mutation: None, though he appears to have one in the form of vertically slitted pupils.
Approx. Height: 6'2".
Eye Colour: Yellow.
Hair Colour: White.
Distinguishing Features:
    Vertically slitted pupils.
    Eyes that have a slight glow in low-light conditions.
    A thin scar on his neck.
    A complete lack of fingerprints.

Nationality: Lioneli (by arrival).
City of Birth: N/A.
Birthdate: Unknown.
Esper: Zodiark, the Keeper of Precepts.
Education: Unknown.
Occupation: Bounty Hunter, Monster Hunter.
Affiliations: Clan Khamja.
    Class #1: Commando.
    Class #2: Sniper.
    Class #3: Berserker.

Other Learned Classes: N/A
Weapon(s): Numerous. Two pistols, a straight-bladed katana (Zanpakuto), numerous knives (a pair of daggers, a straight razor, karambit, etc).
Allowed Aeon: N/A.
Other Aeons if Applicable: N/A.
Other Abilities:
    ⌘ Vast Spiritual Energy - He possesses uncommonly vast reserves of Chakra and a proportional (yet heavily suppressed) Reiatsu.
    ⌘ Accelerated Healing - He can recover from minor injuries within hours and most major (though non-fatal) ones in days.
    ⌘ Chakra and Reiatsu Sensitivity -He is very sensitive to Chakra and spiritual energy and is able to discern it even when suppressed.
    ⌘ Animal Status - He is often judged to be of an animal-like status by monsters and beastmasters and vice-versa.
    ⌘ Heightened Sensory Ability - He has an animal-like sense of smell and hearing.
    ⌘ Al Bhed - Fluent.
    ⌘ Jyllandi - Fluent.
    ⌘ Krakish - Fluent.
    ⌘ Nabradian - Fluent.
    ⌘ Rozarrian - Fluent.
    ⌘ Taijutsu - Proficient
    ⌘ Ninjutsu: General Skills - Practitioner.
    ⌘ Prosthetic Eyes - Lumi's eyes are prosthetic, and not a Mist Mutation, as they would appear. The slitted structure of his pupils give him an above average ability to see in the dark and they glow slightly in pitch-darkness. The glow is a telling yellow, as opposed to Mako green.

    ⌘ Pilot's License - Dorstonis Issue (Civilian). Limited to Personal aircraft.

Limit Breaks:
    ⌘ Limit 1 - Description.
    ⌘ Limit 2 - Description.
    ⌘ Limit 3 - Description.


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      Kaito Wanijima of Air Gear by Oh! Great
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